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Galactic Odessey

Galactic Odessey

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Galactic Odyssey Filter Roast

Embark on a cosmic journey with our "Galactic Odyssey" filter roast, sourced from the enchanting coffee landscapes of Colombia. This celestial blend, cultivated at Finca Campo Hermoso (Edwin Morena), Circasia, Quindio, invites you to explore the universe of flavors found in each sip.

Flavor Profile:

  1. 🍈 Lime: A zesty note that brightens the palate.
  2. 🌸 Magnolia: Delicate floral undertones that add sophistication.
  3. 🥭 Mango: Bursting with the sweetness of ripe tropical fruit.
  4. 🏝️ Tropical Fruit: A harmonious blend of exotic flavors that transport you to distant lands.

"Galactic Odyssey" is a cosmic blend that captures the essence of space exploration. The label, adorned with celestial imagery, mirrors the awe-inspiring beauty and complexity found in every cup. Immerse yourself in the rich, cosmic flavors of this extraordinary blend, inviting you to explore the universe with every delightful sip. It's a coffee adventure that transcends earthly boundaries and embraces the vastness of the cosmos.

Coffee Details:

  • 🌍 Country: Colombia
  • 🏞️ Station: Finca Campo Hermoso (Edwin Morena)
  • 🔄 Processing Method: Honey carbonic
  • 🏔️ Region: Circasia, Quindio
  • 🔥 Roast Type: Filter

Indulge in the interstellar experience of "Galactic Odyssey" and let the cosmic flavors elevate your coffee journey. #GalacticOdyssey #CelestialFlavors #KahawaCoffee ☕🌌🚀

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