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Carribean Breeze - Guatemala

Carribean Breeze - Guatemala

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Caribbean Breeze

Sail away to the Caribbean islands with our exotic roast, "Caribbean Breeze." This versatile Omni roast captures the vibrant flavors of Central American coffee, taking you on a sensory journey with every sip. The label is adorned with the colorful toucan, a symbol of the tropical zest found in each cup.

Flavor Profile:

  1. 🌟 Starfruit: A burst of tropical freshness that awakens the palate.
  2. 🍬 Marzipan: Sweet and nutty, adding a layer of indulgence.
  3. 🍊 Orange Blossom: Delicate floral notes that dance on the taste buds.
  4. 🌸 Jasmine: A fragrant touch of elegance, enhancing the overall aroma.

Savor the vibrant flavors of Central American coffee as you embark on a sensory journey inspired by the Caribbean islands. The label, adorned with a colorful toucan, encapsulates the tropical zest found in each cup, creating an unforgettable coffee experience.

Coffee Details:

  • 🌍 Country: Guatemala
  • 🏞️ Station: El Zapote
  • πŸ”„ Processing Method: Washed
  • πŸ”οΈ Region: Huehuetenango
  • πŸ”₯ Roast Type: Omni

Experience the essence of the Caribbean in every cup. Order your Caribbean Breeze Omni roast today and let the tropical notes of Kahawa Coffee transport you to paradise. #CaribbeanBreeze #TropicalTastes #KahawaCoffee β˜•πŸοΈ

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