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Jungle Expedition - Uganda

Jungle Expedition - Uganda

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Jungle Expedition

Embark on a wild and untamed journey through Central Africa with our signature Central African coffee, "Jungle Expedition." This roast is a daring fusion of flavors, much like the dense jungles from which it originates. The label proudly showcases a silverback gorilla, symbolizing the strength and depth of this exceptional coffee.

Flavor Profile:

  1. 🍫 Dark Chocolate: A rich and decadent note that captivates the palate.
  2. 🍇 Dark Grape: Intense and fruity, adding a layer of complexity.
  3. 🍑 Plum: A succulent and sweet fruity note that lingers.
  4. 🍬 Brown Sugar: The comforting sweetness that rounds off the blend.

Delve into the heart of Central Africa represented by the silverback gorilla on our label. This symbolizes the untamed essence and robust flavor notes of this unique coffee, crafted with care and precision.

Coffee Details:

  • 🌍 Country: Uganda
  • 🏞️ Station: The Coffee Yard - Sironko
  • 🔄 Processing Method: Natural
  • 🏔️ Region: Mount Elgon
  • 🔥 Roast Type: Espresso

Savor the untamed spirit of Central Africa in every cup. Order your Jungle Expedition roast today and let the wild flavors of Kahawa Coffee awaken your senses. #JungleExpedition #CoffeeAdventure #KahawaCoffee ☕🦍

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